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Airport Security

Presently the cost of “Aviation Security” within the Transportation Security Administration's annual US&7,101,828,000 budget is US$5,042,297,880. Not included in the budget is Federal Air Marshals, Checkpoint Security Screening Fund, Aviation Security Capital Fund and Transportation Security Support and Intelligence. The real cost of “aviation security” as provided by the TSA totals an estimated US$6,959,791,440.

Seaport Security

In the scenario of a one-year port reconstruction [following a terrorist attack on the Los Angeles—Long Beach port complex], the U.S. economy could suffer losses of almost $45 billion. These include direct costs, indirect costs, and induced costs. Direct costs arise as a direct result of the halt in shipping.
Protecting the Nation's Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost
editors: Jon D. Haveman, Howard J. Shatz, 2006

Railway Security

Most recently Senator Chuck Schumer (D—New York) has proposed allocating additional funding to railway security as well as the creation of a “no ride list” that would function similarly to the airline's “no fly list,” that is aimed at keeping suspected terrorists from boarding airplanes. “It costs us somewhere around $7 or $8 dollars per passenger for airline security. Imagine adding that cost to a subway or commuter train fare. It would destroy public surface transportation,”
Brian Michael Jenkins, the director of the Mineta Transportation Institute's (MTI) National
Transportation Security Center of Excellence
Homeland Security Newswire
Applications and Solutions
Megapixel for Ports
  • Overall security with enough detail for customer and staff ID and vehicle/license plate ID
  • Uniforms make ID more challenging Megapixel provides the ability for facial detail
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Resolve security/staff and customer disputes
  • Protect staff, customers, equipment and goods
  • Ability to cover more with less (instead of manpower to control PTZs, panoramic cameras can cover it all of the time)
  • Increased detail equals better forensics and reduced time from police and security professionals in post event investigations
  • Monitor daily business
  • Forensic documentation to build cases
  • Provide security, situational awareness, life safety
  • Prevent fraudulent claims
  • Quantifiable return-on-Investment
  • Entry/Exits
  • Loading Docks
  • Storage Areas
  • Open Areas
  • Offices
  • Parking lots and structures (visitor and staff safety)
  • Corridors (vandalism, guest/staff safety)
  • IT infrastructure integration
  • Video motion detection
  • People counting
  • Slip and fall
  • Lane monitoring
  • License plate recognition
  • General surveillance
Remote accessibiliy
• Monitor video between administration offices and remote locations

Easy future-proof integration
• Megapixel provides better image quality
• Easily migrate existing system to HD

Scalability and flexibility
• Easily expand your system to meet growing needs

Cost effectiveness – lower total cost of ownership
• Fewer cameras, licenses and accessories
• Use existing infrastructure
• Lower maintenance
• Lower operational costs

Distributed intelligence
• Put intelligence where you want it – motion detection or system based analytics
• Reduce false alarms

Proven technology
• Thousands of installations across the entire security market
• Applicable to any installation